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Well, you asked for different colours so here you are!

ALL THE THINGS shirt now available in Sexy Aubergine and Tumbling Blue! 

Each T-shirt comes with 3 free badges (and you can buy more!) to mark off whatever labels you feel apply to you that day.

In OTHER NEWS London MCM Expo is coming up so as well as some t-shirt reprints I’m going to make a new minority monster T-shirt- but which one do you lot want the most?


Tails now back in the store!

Ta Daaaaa! Sorry this took a while, these have been up for about a week now. Don’t be fooled by the splash images - there are many colours available right now. I’ll be making more of these after London Expo as I’m focusing on some new and gorgeous choker designs for the chaotic fervour that is the Victoria Docklands at the end of October.

Any questions, message me on Etsy!


















There is no way he believes this?

Nobody could possibly believe this…?

Prove me wrong. Do it.

i was not created by a white man.

Unless you were conceived in a bathtub full of kool-aid or something, modern day conception procedures come from Europe.

This is probably the most racist comment I’ve seen in a very long time

Firstly, I’m with the person right above me.  That’s an incredibly racist comment.  I would say you should be ashamed, but I know you won’t listen.

Now on to proving you wrong.

  • Chocolate chip cookies were invented by Ruth Wakefield (x).
  • Liquid paper was invented by Bette Nesmith Graham (x).
  • The square-bottomed paper bag was invented by Margaret Knight (x).
  • The dishwasher was invented by Josephine Cochrane (x).
  • The windshield wiper was invented by Mary Anderson (x).
  • Kevlar was invented by Stephanie Kwolek (x).
  • Potato chips were invented by George Crum (x).
  • The carbon-filament lightbulb, which was actually more practical than Edison’s paper-filament bulb, was invented by Lewis Latimer (x).
  • The blood bank was invented by Charles Richard Drew (x).
  • The protective mailbox, the precursor to today’s public mail boxes, was invented by Philip B. Downing (x).
  • The gas mask was invented by Garrett Morgan (x).
  • The birth control pill was invented by Luis Miramontes and two other scientists (x).
  • The magnetic compass, porcelain, gunpowder, the mechanical clock, and paper money were all invented by the Chinese (x).
  • The condom, high heels, paper, and the pen were all invented by the Egyptians (x).

There.  Done.

Oh, and re: “modern day conception procedures,” I believe the word you’re so clumsily dancing around is “sex.”  (Don’t worry, typing it won’t hurt you.)  I have to burst your bubble on that one, too.  The first humanoid beings were Australopithecus, and they lived in Africa (x).  (The map’s down a bit on the page.)

I think I’ve thoroughly proven you wrong enough by now.  I’m going to get some sleep.  Laterz.




  • The traffic light
  • Peanut butter
  • Open heart surgery
  • Homo sapiens
  • The light switch
  • The real McCoy engine
  • Spoken word poetry
  • Rock n Roll
  • Hell pretty much every genre of American music since we got to this bitch

And that’s just the top of my head. TAKE IT AWAY NEXT REBLOGGER:

Agriculture. Writing. The fucking wheel. Fucking civilization.

The domesticated chicken in the sandwich I’m eating. The tea I’m drinking.

The concept of “zero”, as in the OP is a total fucking zero.

Ooh ooh!

Apples.  Bred from a wild ancestor fruit in central Asia.

Bread.  Also Egypt.

Beer and wine.  Near East/Egyptian inventions.

Distilled alcohol.  Arabs.

The triangular sail, which revolutionized navigation:  also Arabs.

Beekeeping and therefore cultivated honey.  Also Egypt.

Pet cats and dogs, meticulously domesticated in the Near East and Asia respectively.  Also domestic cattle, Africa and South Asia. 

Computer programming.  Ada Lovelace.

Spread-spectrum and frequency-hopping communication technology, which is to say, the wifi my computer is using right now.  Hedy Lamarr.

The novel.  Japan!  Unless you count Apuleius’ Metamorphoses/”The Golden Ass,” in which case, Africa.

Randomized controlled trial, completely essential to the basis of modern medicine:  Ibn Sina.

Edible corn, potatoes, and nightshades, which form the bulk of at least most Americans’ diets:  the brilliant breeding, cultivation, and agricultural experimentation practices of the Maya, Inca, and Aztec civilizations respectively.

Indoor plumbing.  India.

Lenses.  Assyria.

The written word.  Oh, that’s right:  Phoenicia, Africa, and, independently, China and Mesoamerica.  Yes, yes, we know:  runes and ogham.  Very impressive, Norse and Irish, nicely done, welcome to the show.

Oh, and the printed word.  China again.

Really, astronomy, chemistry, geography, physics, optics, botany, and surgery as we know them.

Oh—and that bathtub you want to fill with Kool-Aid.  Brown folks invented that, too.

Oh, hell, do some homework:,_inventors,_and_scholars

Go do some Googling like a grownup.

haha. white people have never invented anything, they steal everything they can from POC and take the credit

I don’t know if these were mentioned and I’m missing them, but the people of Mesopotamia (according to google where modern Iraq is) were the first known people to use irrigation.

Also Ancient China in addition to a shitton of the awesome things above invented noodles/pasta, for which I am eternally grateful as it is the basis for a lot of Italian cuisine, food of my culture.

China also had the first automated clocks, I don’t know if that was mentioned.

You can also just do your own research at websites like these:

There’s also this really informative series of posts that have been going around tumblr:

There’s also chocolate, one of the most awesome foods ever, it’s initial form was invented by Mesoamericans and actually used in their rituals before white people came and appropriated that up as a fancy people drink.

So, basically OP, we as white people owe essentially all the awesome shit around us to people of color.

In other words, the folks above are correct. far as I can tell the only thing we’ve invented was stealing other people’s shit and taking credit for it while making out that the creator of said good shit should be thankful to us for inventing this cool thing. We’ve also been pretty great at perpetuating systems of oppression based on this model.

But let’s be honest, we probably didn’t even invent stealing shit and taking the credit.

So yeah, you’re probably a troll at least I hope you are because that was straight up absurdly wrong. But in case you aren’t, I just wanted to contribute some inventions I didn’t see mentioned.

Arabs invented coffee, the pinhole camera, cheques, fucking physics, man.

My forever favourite is soap. Your white ass did not know how to BATHE until we showed you soap. You sat in yr own filth and thought water would KILL YOU. 

This is my favorite post on the internet.

Brah, no. Stawp bein’ racist. We came on this stuff before y’all, easy.

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