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C’mon everybody, remember you can vote more than once!

Yes on Laverne Cox and Lupita Nyong’o!

No on David Russel, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jared Leto, and Ru Paul!

I just voted Yes on RuPaul because we’re allowed to have different opinions. Especially when it comes to people we’ve never met.

Drag Race and his Glamazon album are important to be BECAUSE I’m genderqueer. Not despite it.

His traditional Drag terminology and jokes conflict with other people’s modern Trans*-positive etiquette. And that’s a really sad and weird thing.
But he responded well, and is changing parts of the show because of it - the “least he could do” was nothing. Which many racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic film, tv, and media creatives choose to do all the time.

Just some food for thought. People can mess up, f*k up horribly even, but they can change, and just have other facets to them that are worthy of recognition.




Fight HIV stigma by knowing the facts. HIV can only be transmitted through blood, breast milk, semen (cum) or vaginal fluids. Reblog and raise awareness!

^ that includes precum & menstrual blood <3

People still honestly believe these things (in the posters). When I worked in sexual health, we had at least one person per day calling up, asking if [x casual contact] could have given them HIV.  Some were really bizarre.  One guy wanted to know if his dog, that had bitten someone, but then licked him, could have transmitted HIV to him.  Like… no.





There are the good days, though, where you can wear it like armor and love those things in spite of yourself; or even in spite of the world that tries to tell you that you’re less valuable. A friend of mine made lend of the word ‘amazon’ and sometimes I use that to feel beautiful.

It doesn’t work everyday, but it doesn’t always have to. All the girls who feel this way are beautiful, and the ability to feel that if only sometimes can be plenty.

Pain is fleeting, but it makes us so powerful. As trans women, we’re powerful and beautiful in so many unique ways that most people can never understand.

You are an amazon. Be sad when you need it, but never forget that you are amazing.

the distinction between feeling sad and feeling like less of a woman is very important

Urgh, you are not alone in this one *hugs*

(Source: transgirladventures)



for the past 3 years, this webcomic I draw & write called Best Friends Forever (#bffcomic) has been my life! now that I’ve switched to updating in chunks (more fun to write & to read) it’s a great time to look for avenues to BFF’s continued growth & improvement. that’s where this awesome site patreon comes in!


  • character driven high school drama
  • nerds. football players. wild parties. hot dads
  • diverse characters!! queer themes!!!
  • almost 250 pages long and always growing!
  • lively + colorful artwork
  • comedy AND drama! you’ll laugh. you’ll cry?? don’t cry :’(


  • more money = more BFF content!! less stress for me!
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  • a SECRET STASH!! of secret content for Patreon patrons
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questions? email me at or drop me an ask here on tumblr!

even if you can’t become a patron, I would really appreciate if every BFF fan could reblog this! please help me out, you guys! :) 

ps, in case you missed it - 11 new pages were posted friday night!

HEY YA’LL if we can get to $300 before my next update (currently at ~$273) i’ll make a Patreon post you wanna see…. if you know what i mean ;)

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